BREAKING: World Institute For Peace Gives Federal Govt Ultimatum To Question Sheik Gumi Over Insecurity

In a bold move aimed at addressing the escalating insecurity in Nigeria, the World Institute for Peace has issued a stern ultimatum to the federal government, demanding the interrogation of Sheik Ahmad Gumi within the next seven days....READ FULL ARTICLE

The chairman of the institute, Lamina Kamiludeen, made this declaration in a statement released from Osogbo on Saturday. Kamiludeen raised concerns over Sheik Gumi’s consistent criticism of the Nigerian Military and other security agencies, particularly during their operations against bandits and terrorists.

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Sheik Gumi’s controversial remarks about military campaigns in the northern regions have stirred widespread debate and condemnation. In a recent statement during a discussion on “When will there be an end to Nigeria’s recurring abductions?” organized by Daily Trust via X space, Gumi alleged that the military’s actions were causing harm to innocent families of bandits and insurgents.

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Expressing grave concern, Kamiludeen questioned whether Sheik Gumi was exempt from the law, emphasizing that his inflammatory statements not only undermined security efforts but also emboldened criminals.

The institute’s statement urged the federal government to take decisive action, suggesting that Gumi’s relentless criticism of security forces might indicate complicity in Nigeria’s security challenges. It emphasized the urgency of questioning Gumi to ascertain his involvement in the ongoing insecurity plaguing the nation.


Kamiludeen emphasized the importance of upholding the rule of law and ensuring accountability for all citizens, regardless of their status or influence. The ultimatum underscores the growing demand for transparency and accountability in addressing Nigeria’s security crisis...READ FULL ARTICLE

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