Because Of War Cries From The Boys That Were On Jetty, The Soldiers Felt They Were Confronted–According To Ofongo

Hon. Henry Daniel-Ofongo, a former member of the Federal House of Representatives, candidly discussed his comprehension of the recent atrocities in the Igbomotoru village in Delta State during an Arise TV interview....READ FULL ARTICLE

He claims the troops noticed the suspect’s “boys” (perhaps his goons or followers) at the jetty after they heard drum beats coming from the other side of the town. He believes that the shooting may have started because the soldiers perceived the war yells and drum beats as a threat.

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He said, “From the report I had, the soldiers really came. The first gunboat arrived and what they could hear was drum beats from the opposite side. If you go to Igbomotoru community, Igbomotoru is made up of five to six communities.

But the two major ones Re Igbomotoru 1 and Igbomotoru 2, are opposite each other. I am from both Igbomotoru 1 and Igbomotoru 2. So, when they heard the drum beat in Igbomotoru 2 at the jetty where the suspect was. They went straight to the jetty and the drum beat started.

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At times, the boys of the suspect are always there. So, the second gunboat came. Because of the war cries from the boys that were on the jetty, the soldiers felt they were being confronted. I think that’s where the shooting started.”...READ FULL ARTICLE

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