TRUE LIFE STORY: I Was Introduced To Prostitut!on By My Cousin At 16yrs, I Have Slept With Over 300 Men And… – Roselyn ( WATCH VIDEO )

Roselyn Cheptoo candidly narrates how she was introduced into prostitution by her cousin after she came to a city at sixteen years. She started sleeping with different men for money and till today, she has slept with over three hundred men....READ FULL ARTICLE

Roselyn was raised by her parents, her parents were farmers and she was the firstborn in her family. She studied up to form two in high school but dropped out due to lack of school fees. Since she was already sixteen years old, she decided to find a job in a city.

After dropping out of school, she was invited to a city for a job as a waitress. However, after she came, she was shocked to realize that she was actually going to do prostitution which her cousin was also doing.

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At first, she resisted because she was too young. Her cousin, who was providing for her needs, told her to join her or go back to the village. She thought about the challenges at home and the hardships in her family and she didn’t want to go back.

She started working as a prostitute. At first, her cousin helped her to get her first client, and she slept with him and was paid four hundred shillings. She felt guilt and felt like her self-esteem had gone down, but after some time, she got used to it and she loved the job.

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“I couldn’t get some extra money and I was able to rent my own house,” Roselyn said.

She said that she got pregnant as she worked and gave birth to a baby boy. Two months after having her baby, she went back to work. When her child grew older, she started locking him in the house as she went for work.

Roselyn has faced a lot of challenges in her work. Sometimes some of her clients refuse to pay her after her services while others abuse her after the service. People also abuse them for selling themselves for money.

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She claimed that she has slept with over three hundred men from the day she started. It’s been nine years, and she stated that she does it due to lack of employment and education.

She is willing to stop selling her body for money because she doesn’t want her child to emulate her, and she wants to be a good role model for her. She is appealing for anyone who can employ her, even without her secondary school certificate....READ FULL ARTICLE

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