TRUE LIFE STORY: How My Dad Prepared Me For Life’s Challenges

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If I were to do justice to your tribute, I would have to write a book of several hundred pages. Maybe one day I will. For now, all I want to say is thank you, Lord, and thank you, Daddy, for the incredible father, husband and leader that you were.

Your passing was sudden. Everyone felt you would live forever if not at least 100 years. But alas, God knows best. I am glad we were by your side, holding your hand as you slipped away. It still gives me chills and brings tears to my eyes when I think of those final moments: devastating in sadness but peaceful, beautiful and dignified.

Your biography tells us that it rained hailstones on the day you were born, signifying the arrival of abundance. Your life was one of incredible generosity to those whose path you crossed. I describe It as the beginning of 89 years of good trouble.

On the day you passed, it was a peaceful sunny evening, which ‘fied that “All will be well”. As I come to terms with your passing, I am filled with a ture of sadness, immense gratitude and inspiration to do better.

As a master planner that you were (the Grand Master, in fact), though your passing was ected even for you, you were impeccably and comprehensively prepared. You left us with the tools to continue your legacy, and you had the foresight to begin our preparation life without you from our tender ages.

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Thank you for the values you have left for us. I reflected on these soon after your passing. I came up with 11 of these values. I noted them down. And I read them every day. They have become my north star.

Thank you for the environment you raised us in. One of love, kind discipline and one in which excellence, Godliness and hard work would serve as the foundation that sustains us for generations to come.

Thank you for your guidance on all matters: from family, education, career, spirituality, and choice of transportation (friends and family always recount your horror at the fact I wanted to drive a Toyota Corolla as a bank MD).

Forgive me for every tantrum I threw. I know you did. Forgive me for every challenge I gave to your views, although most times, you knew that after reflection, I would come back and agree. Forgive me for my impatience at times, on the rare occasions I would interrupt you. Forgive me for every aspect of my life I did not share with you.

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I know that you will see it all in Heaven, and I hope I am not doing too badly. I only ask these for completeness and closure. As I know, you were one of the most compassionate human beings I met. I never knew you to bear a grudge. We saw many people attack you and attack that which you loved.

You fought back bravely and honourably when these attacks posed an existential threat to things and people you loved. But whatever the outcome, and invariably you prevailed, you always forgave. Your heart was so generous.

Be rest assured that we will protect everything you love to the best of our abilities and God’s grace. Most importantly, we will ensure your wife, my mother, never lacks and is always surrounded by love and family.

There are many things I will miss about you: going to battle as your wingman in business to achieve the next lofty goal or overcome the latest challenge from external forces; your .unifying force in our family; kissing you on the lips in public; the protection of your prayers on this earth, and the enthusiasm with which you would say “Lodol”, every time I called you on the phone.

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You literally would lift my spirit as you answered my call in exactly the same way and the same tone. On the rare occasion that you didn’t, maybe 5 out of 5,000 calls, I would know something was troubling you. Even though we will miss these things, I promise you that we will fight and pray hard that nothing you love shall diminish after your passing to the Kingdom of Heaven. We will do you proud.

Your troubles are no more. You can rest now in perfect peace. You ran the perfect race. You fought the good fight. Your name and your life stories will be celebrated for generations to come. Ese Pupo Daddy.

We will all miss you, we love you. But God loves you more. You were indeed an angel on this earth that has now returned where you rightly belong. Thank you, Lord for sharing this gem with me for 51 years and with humanity for 89 years.…READ FULL ARTICLE

Your Son, Ladipupo Oluwaseunfunmi

Aka (in your words): “Lado, Monsieur Le Presido..”

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