People On Social Media Abuse Me Saying Am Too Dark Without Them Knowing I Was Battling With My Life And

Winnie, known by many as Dida from an episode airing on Citizen TV, narrated how people on social media made fun of her, saying that she was too dark, and others abused her without knowing that she was battling breast cancer....READ FULL ARTICLE

According to her, she is the only child in her family. Her mother is a dedicated woman who serves God, and she grew up in a Christian family.

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She says that her mother was battling breast cancer also seven years ago. When she joined the film, she heard a sharp pain in her left breast, and she went to the hospital, only to find out that she was having breast cancer.

She says that it was a shock to her, and the doctor arranged how she was going to start chemotherapy because it was stage four. She says that her family came through for her financially, and she went for her first chemotherapy.

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She decided not to drop her role, and when the show aired on Citizen TV, she posted on her social media. Many people made fun of her, saying that she was not beautiful because she was too dark and she didn’t have a figure.

She says that she cry a lot, and she decided she was going to come out to let people know that she was battling cancer. She says that people were in her inbox apologizing for making fun of her, but that didn’t help because they had already hurt her.

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She says that she has done all her chemotherapy, and she is believing that everything is going to come out well since she is a strong believer that God heals....READ FULL ARTICLE

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