Man who relocated to US Complains of Working Multiple Shifts, Says He Doesn’t Sleep Long

A young man who relocated to the US has lamented how hard he and others have to work to pay bills The man said that there is hardly any long resting time as people take multiple shifts to survive daily....READ FULL ARTICLE

A lot of US-based people were in his comment section to share similar experiences and how people at home thought they were rich.

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A man who left Africa for the US has cried out about the challenging situation abroad and how people are not sleeping well.

Saying there is no life in America, the man (@ ebonyioma ) wondered why people in the country work from Monday to Monday to pay bills.

The man in a video told people he could not remember the last time he slept for eight hours straight. He added that people hardly take vacations.

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He said that whenever people go on vacations, they take enough photos they can share all year round to put a facade of a good life.…READ FULL ARTICLE

Watch his video below:


There us no life in the #usa 🇺🇸. #viral

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