JUST IN: Why Gov. ADELEKE Made Me His Special Assistant

Few weeks ago, Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State appointed popular Nollywood Actress, Laide Bakare, as his Senior Special Assistant on Entertainment, Art, Culture, and Tourism....READ FULL ARTICLE

Undoubtedly, this epitome of beauty, a successful actress, producer and entrepreneur has done well in the entertainment industry. And she sure deserves whatever fortune that comes her way.

Laide Bakare’s story is one of resilience, determination, and a fierce passion to succeed, in the face of daunting vicissitudes. She found success in the competitive world of entertainment and real estate through hard work and dedication, and her rise to fame is nothing short of remarkable. She is an Author now. And you can as well feel free to call her Author. Laide Bakare.

In a conversation with City People Head of Tv, SUNDAY ADIGUN, Star Actress, Laide Bakare reveals why Gov. Adeleke made her his Senior Special Assistant on Entertainment, Art, Culture, and Tourism.

Let me start by congratulating you on your new appointment as the SSA to Gov. Ademola Adeleke on Entertainment, Art, Culture, and Tourism? How do you feel right now?

Thank you so much. I feel so blessed and honored. It was actually unexpected. I really thank God for that.

How did you get the appointment, and what does the new appointment entail?

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Basically for me, it’s about being in the right place at the right time. It was through recommendation and the goodwill of my Osun State people, family and friends, that said oh this lady is one of our proud products from Osun.

She’s not a loud type, she’s not the type who lobbies for something, and she might be useful because she has been in the game for a while. She has done nothing more than entertaining since age 15 till now.

They believe my contribution is highly important at this stage when Osun State now has a new Executive Governor who is very interested in entertainment. You will agree with me that Adeleke’s family is all about breaking new grounds, making good deals and they see big potential in entertainment.

They are well exposed and aware that it’s an industry that cannot be taken with levity. It’s an industry that if properly looked into and tapped into has many values that the good people of the state can benefit immensely from. This is what other states are not paying attention to. They are not paying attention to the business part of it.

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His Excellency comes from that background that will never underrate entertainment for anything. There are so many projects to be unveiled, many projects ought to have started and he needs help to achieve them, he need professionals to handle some things for him. Without me knowing, my name was submitted to him, and he approved.

Wow! And it’s not as if you’ve known each other or you had a relationship with him before?

You see, that’s the problem of our people. That has been their narrative out there.

Yes! People think maybe you guys are dating?

God bear me witness, I have never been close to him, not until recently that we met. I have my family in Osogbo. My grandfather used to be a politician, NURTW boss during his time. We were trained as Omo Garrage.

My grandfather was big in transportation business in Osun and Nigeria at large. He was rooted in business, transportation e.t.c I’m from Kosemani Family in Osun, very popular family. My family house in Osogbo is on the same lane with Governor’s Office. I don’t know why people are just funny but me I’m not surprised. My families are in Osogbo as we speak.

Even my father’s firstborn shuttles between Abuja and Osogbo. It was purely on recommendation and The Governor is determined to work with capable hands. Immediately my name was mentioned to him he said, yes Laide can do it.

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So based on your achievement in entertainment, what should the good people Osun State expect from you?

I know myself the expectation is overwhelming. Many people believe that yes they now have someone they can relate with and I will never disappoint them. They all know me well there. I go to location in osogbo most of the time. We are planning on how to drive the economy thorough entertainment as well.

And how do you plan to do that?

Of course there lot of ways. The way you take any program is the result that you will get. There is something going on in Osun at the moment. It’s an award for celebrities and there is a platform where you can vote with just 100, and there are lots of benefits even for the voters and the contestants. It’s actually not my project but I’m just using it as an example. The project has been there before I became the SSA. There is a lot I’m also working on....READ FULL ARTICLE

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