JUST IN: Lawyer, Femi Falana Reportedly Withdraws From Late Mohbad’s Case, Says Family Is Divided – VIDEO

Nigerian lawyer and Human Rights Activist, Femi Falana has reportedly backed off from representing the family of the late Nigerian artist, Mohbad, amidst reasons of family disagreements and conflicting statements....READ FULL ARTICLE

In a surfaced video, a man claimed that challenges faced by Falana’s chamber stemmed from the behaviour of Mohbad’s family.

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According to him, the family’s interactions with various media outlets resulted in conflicting statements, hindering the pursuit of justice for the deceased.

Additionally, the bitter feud within Mohbad’s family, particularly involving Mohbad’s dad, Joseph Aloba and his daughter-in-law Wunmi has also been a problem.

Aloba accused Wunmi of attempting to harm him, while Wunmi responded by initiating legal proceedings against her father-in-law for defamation and issuing a pre-action notice.

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The man in the video also alleged that the court had deemed such family disputes as commonplace and urged Falana not to withdraw from the case, citing his esteemed reputation...READ FULL ARTICLE

Watch the video below:

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