I Am Almost 60 And I Need A Man: Lady Comes Out Looking For A Husband, Wants to Give Love a Chance ( Watch Video )

The main objective to feature individuals who share their stories is to inspire and offer hope to people who are in the same situation. Some hours ago she aired the compelling story of Catherine, a 59-year-old doctor on the lookout for a life partner....READ FULL ARTICLE

Catherine started her story way back when she was a very young girl when her mother divorced with the father. They moved and started living in a new location and after some time the father came for them.

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Their father had already married a second spouse and they were living in the same compound which appeared difficult. The father later bought land in another location and took them to live there with their mother and he never came to visit them.

She went ahead and revealed her tumultuous journey, starting with her first marriage at the tender age of 21, which eventually led to her disillusionment. Her initial husband, whom she wedded while working at a hospital, proved unfaithful, ultimately leading to their separation. Following this, she entered into a brief marriage with an older man, only to discover his infidelity, prompting her to leave him.

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After the end of the second marriage she decided to focus on her career and she eventually joined an international organization as a doctor and relocated abroad.

Despite her past challenges, she now feels prepared to welcome a partner into her life, emphasizing her openness to a God-fearing companion, regardless of nationality. She said she doesn’t care about his financial strength as far as he fears God and he will be faithful.

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She has decided to find happiness again despite her eldest daughter being 35 years old and her youngest girl being a first-year student at university. What is your view of this? Let’s meet in the comments section and talk about it. You can watch the full video for more details….READ FULL ARTICLE

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