“There is no difference between me and you, stop being a hypocrite” – Phyna blast Daniel Regha over his opinion on her recent statement

Phyna, the Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ winner, has responded to social media critic Daniel Regha’s comments about her recent podcast. Kemi Filani claimed that Phyna had made a bold pronouncement about Edo State males, adding that they are renowned and well-known for dating women for years without marrying them....READ FULL ARTICLE

The reality personality used herself as a case study, revealing that she dated an Edo man for 12 years. Phyna said this when advising women in relationships, warning them not to date a guy for more than three years.

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Daniel Regha reacted by questioning how Phyna could have dated a man for 12 years when she was only 26 and whether the reality star began dating.

He added that using her poor decision to disrespect Edo State men is wrong as he noted how the reality star always sounds unintelligent.

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“Phyna is 26 years old according to her BBN & Wikipedia age, but she claims to have dated a man for “12 years”. So she started dating at the age of 14? Again, using her p¤¤r decision to disrespect Edo State men, in general, is wrong. She’s always sounding very un!ntelligent”.

Not one to shy away from a fight, Phyna noted how there is no difference between her and him. She called him a hypocrite and told him to watch the full YouTube podcast or sit it out.

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“Daniel, no difference between me and you if we say make we check am well….

And if the gullible Nigerians agree to tie us with the same rope, so you either sit this one out or go to YouTube to watch the full podcast, don’t be a hypocrite.”…READ FULL ARTICLE

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