“The job requires humility, and you’re very proud” – Nigerian woman loses job after beating boss in Ludo game

A Nigerian woman has been fired from her job after defeating her boss in a game of Ludo, according to a social media post that has gone viral. Taking to TikTok, the woman shared a photos herself after winning the Ludo game against her boss alongside a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation where her employer fired her....READ FULL ARTICLE

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The WhatsApp message from the boss reportedly stated that “The job requires humility, and you’re very proud. I’m sorry to say, but you’re not the right fit for the job. Fired.”

The video has sparked reactions online. Many people expressed empathy for the employee, suggesting the boss was overreacting and perhaps hurt by the loss.

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However, others sided with the boss, suggesting the employee lacked humility in celebrating the win.

@_AbenaSerwaa~24 wrote: “Cse Fire with capital letters plus exclamation mark meaning a lot is going through ebody, he/she is hurt “

jah_pih wrote: “It is well o, God will see us through in this Nigeria.”

Maame Afia wrote: “You’re not humble at all.”...READ FULL ARTICLE

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Watch below:

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