JUST IN: When A Woman Is Saying She Loves Her Husband, She Is Commiting An Error – Prophetess Ijeoma

A Nigerian clergywoman, Prophetess Ijeoma Ezenekwe has stated that it is an error for women to love their husband stating that women are not supposed to love their husbands....READ FULL ARTICLE

In a viral video that is currently circulating online, she claimed that wives have no right to love their husbands stating that loving their husband wasn’t a commandment instructed by God.

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In the viral video, she said that whenever a woman is saying she loves her husband, she is committing a great error for doing so. She said of is an error because the almighty God didn’t tell women to love their husband

According to her, it is the man’s duty to love the wife and not the other way round. She said if the man says she doesn’t love a woman, it is the man’s problem because women do not have the right to love man. She finally advised women to marry a man they can submit to Kindly read part of speech from Vanguard...READ FULL ARTICLE

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