‘I told you I wasn’t playing with you’: Man kills longtime friend turned landlord after 20 years of rent-free living during 911 call

A South Carolina man will spend the rest of his life behind bars for the murder of a longtime friend turned landlord who eventually served him an eviction notice amid their protracted falling out....READ FULL ARTICLE

On Thursday, Nathan Wesley Zeigler, 64, was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole by 1st Judicial Circuit Court Judge Heath Taylor for the murder of Charles Jacob “CJ” Young, 82. For 20 years, Young allowed Zeigler to live in his home for free.

Friends before the living arrangements were made, Young moved away to New York and gave Zeigler the keys to his home in Dorchester County. First Assistant Solicitor Kelly LaPlante said Young considered Zeigler a son, according to Charleston-based CBS affiliate WCSC.

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The dead man’s obituary describes his time in the Empire State:

After decades, the upholstery business was closed. The free real estate did not last — and, in time, neither did the friendship.

When Young retired, he moved back to the Palmetto State and back into his house on Johnson Road and Honeysuckle Road in Harleyville — a tiny town roughly 45 miles northwest of Charleston.

Problems ensued after Young’s homecoming. Police were called to deal with domestic disturbances on multiple occasions. An incident report obtained by The Post and Courier suggests Young’s brother was often on the property — or had also come to live there.

In December 2021, Young served Zeigler with an eviction notice — but after years of rent-free living, he simply refused to leave.

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On Jan. 7, 2022, there was a full house. Late that morning, Young called 911 and begged them to send help. A dispatcher heard another voice shouting: “I told you I wasn’t playing with you.” Then they heard the gunshot.

Dorchester County deputies responded around noon. Young was found dead in the kitchen with a gunshot wound to his neck.

The victim’s obituary continues:

Zeigler was found sitting in a chair in the backyard and was detained by a Harleyville police officer until backup could arrive.

Young’s brother spoke with deputies and said he had overheard the two get into it in the kitchen. At one point, Young told Zeigler to “move something out of his way,” followed by the telltale bang, the brother said.

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Upon entering the kitchen, he said he saw his brother on the floor, “not moving,” and Zeigler walking outside “with a gun in hand.” Investigators found the murder weapon inside of a grill.

Zeigler was charged with one count each of murder and possession of a firearm during a crime. During the trial, the defendant admitted to shooting Young but claimed self-defense.

“This was not self-defense, this was a senseless murder,” Assistant Solicitor Shannon Elliott told the jurors, according to a courtroom report by Greenville-based NBC affiliate WYFF.

Jurors deliberated just shy of four hours before returning a guilty verdict earlier this week. Zeigler was sentenced quickly after....READ FULL ARTICLE

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