Viral Security Man Dumped by Girlfriend for Earning N60k Gets Promoted, Company Triples His Salary

A security company has rewarded one of their staff with a job promotion and salary increment after he became a viral sensation online. Via TikTok, the young man shared a video in which he wore his work security outfit and revealed his girlfriend dumped him because he earns N60k every month....READ FULL ARTICLE

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“This girl too wicked,” he captioned the video while tagging his employer’s handle. The clip made the rounds on social media and caught the attention of his company.

In a response sighted on Instagram, his company’s handle praised him for his diligence at work so far and stated that he has been contacted regarding a promotion.

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They also added that his salary has been tripled. “He has been a diligent operative so far. We’ve reached him for a promotion already. His salary has been tripled.

“Thanks for sharing,” @btmsecurity_ wrote in the comment section of a video of their viral employee....READ FULL ARTICLE

Watch the video below:


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