The miracle leaf that saved my brother from enlarged prostrate complications

Although many have suffered from this ailment, moving from one hospital to the other, sometimes without any remedy. But it seems, a very simple solution lurks within your immediate environment...READ FULL ARTICLE

A middle aged man whose brother suffered terribly from prostrate problem shared this miracle leaf, which he said cured his brother in just three days.

We warn that we are not able to verify the report but he spoke confidently about the herbal remedy.

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According to him, the leaf saved his brother who had already been programmed for operation to heal his maladies. His brother was already moving around with urinary bag before somebody showed up with the solution to his prostrate problem. He said the miracle leaf is called Ogbe Ori akuko in Yoruba language.

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“The above plant just healed my brother of enlarged prostate complications within 3 days! He was slated for an operation and already carrying urinary bag around.

“In short, he was already dying…then someone introduced the plant to him, and he took a little quantity of the juice extracted from it twice a day and that was it!

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“Within 3 days, the catheter dropped off and he started urinating by himself. All the symptoms disappeared. The plant is called *ogbe orí àkùkọ* in Yoruba language. It’s called scorpion tail in VTEnglish. Pls don’t continue to suffer when the solution is readily available and affordable…… “, he said…READ FULL ARTICLE

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