Okuma killings: Nigerian soldier vows to avenge death of colleagues in Delta state attack

A Nigerian soldier, identified as Egitanghan G, has stated that he is determined to participate in any operation aimed at seeking justice for the military personnel who lost their lives during a peacekeeping mission in Delta State last week....READ FULL ARTICLE

Expressing his outrage over what he described as “rubbish comments” made about the deceased soldiers, the soldier, who hails from Delta State himself, highlighted the sacrifices made by soldiers to protect their homeland.

In a heartfelt video posted on his TikTok handle on Wednesday, the soldier conveyed his message primarily to his fellow Niger Delta residents, stating, “When I dey read the comments about the things wey dem talk about our soldiers wey die for Delta State, na cry I dey cry because me na Delta boy.

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“I know the things wey I dey face for this country. I don go Maiduguri spend four years, fight. I know how many Maiduguri soldiers wey come from Maiduguri wey die for their state to protect their land. I know how many Katsina people wey come from Katsina wey die for Katsina.

“But una get mind kill our soldiers for Delta State and all the South-South people dey comment rubbish comment. They say whether soldiers wey die for North, whether them dey put them online?

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“We no fit foSoldiers’body wey kill frontline soldiers. We must avenge their death. Even me wey be Qarri boy, I pray make I dey among the operation.

“Una dey forget say those that live in glass house do not throw stone abi“ If oil touch one hand, e go affect the other hand. As una don price, una must collect.

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“Una forget say these soldiers get wife, get family, get mam“ wey dey pray for them as them dey protect the country. “We do good things to the good people and bad things to the bad people.”...READ FULL ARTICLE

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