Nigerian Man Discovers His Wife’s Four ‘Siblings’ are Her Children, and Two of their 3 Children are Not His

“My wife and I have been married for 11years and are blessed with 3children. Things have been going smoothly in our marriage....READ FULL ARTICLE

“Some weeks ago, my phone got stolen and I lost all my contacts. So, I was trying to get a mutual friend’s contact from my wife’s phone when I saw messages between her and her mother about her children with her.

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I found out that the four children she had introduced to me as her siblings while we were dating are her children. I was beyond shocked and disappointed. This made me do secret DNA tests on our children and I found out that only the second out of the three children is mine.

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“This is a woman who has been dutiful and preaches about faithfulness, I never saw this coming. How has she been able to keep all this without raising any suspicion?

Why would she do this to me? To us? Could she be married somewhere and I am the side-piece? Could it all be in the past? Where do I start from? How do I handle this? I have been confused beyond my years.”...READ FULL ARTICLE

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