BREAKING: Sheikh Gumi Reacts After FG Released List Of Terrorism Financiers Without Including His Name

Controversial Islamic cleric, Sheikh Gumi has reacted to the federal government’s list of terrorism financiers contained in a document released by the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) on Tuesday....READ FULL ARTICLE

While many Nigerians expected his name to be among the 15 names on the list, Sheikh Gumi on Wednesday replied to a question from a journalist who asked him to vindicate himself concerning the allegations that he is involved in the terrorism scandal surrounding Tukur Mamu, whose name is first on the list of terrorism financiers.

In his response, Gumi asked “Who declares someone a terrorist financer?”

On his links with Mamu, Gumi said, “I am a public figure; many people come to me. The good, the bad, the ugly. As a preacher, I cannot send anybody away, no matter how bad. If you ask, especially pastors, armed robbers come to them and confess but they cannot still take them to the authorities.

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“What I know of Mamu and his arrest is a misunderstanding between him and the committee that was supposed to deal with the release of some victims. But since the case is in court, we hope the court will be just to him. That is what we wanted all along; take him to court.

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“Mamu’s case is in the court. Let’s wait to hear from the court. It’s wrong to resort to media trial. Let’s wait for the court to state of he is a financier or not. I think if he is acquitted, he has a strong case to make on libel.

“Who declares someone a terrorist financer? Is it the court of law or a security agency? Security agency has no right to declare anyone a terrorist financer. The case is already in court, so why are they judging him on the pages of the newspaper? Once a case is in court, you allow the court to decide.

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“Instead of incarcerating someone and leveling phantom allegations against him. Bring your proofs, And if Mamu is found guilty, he should have full fledged punishment. But as of what I know, let’s wait for the court.”

The federal government released the names of terrorism financiers as: Mamu-Yusuf Ghazali-Muhammad Sani-Abubakar Muhammad- Sallamudeen Hassan- Adamu Ishak- Hassana-Oyiza Isah-Abdulkareem Musa -Umar Abdullahi

The six BDCs and firms are:

West and East Africa General Trading Company Limited – Settings Bureau De Change Limited -G. Side General Enterprises -Desert Exchange Ventures Limited -Eagle Square General Trading Company Limited – Alfa Exchange BDC….READ FULL ARTICLE

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