“You are not the dad”; Man with AA genotype marries woman with AS genotype, but gives birth to SS baby with sickle cell disease causing drama.

Moses stated that his wife has been avoiding the court-ordered test and maintains that no man other than her husband has touched her....READ FULL ARTICLE

See his post via X:

“Paternity test results came out in December and we had a court session where it was unveiled, as seen in the video. Since December, she has been dodging and refusing to pick up calls from the Justice Court to carry out the judge’s verdict to run a maternity test.

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So as I write this story, Justice Court has not been able to reach her over the phone. She is not picking up calls. One funny thing in all this is, in November last year. Her family got me arrested from Ajuwon Police Station because I was not dropping upkeep for the said child.”

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A subsequent DNA test was ordered for the mother and child to determine the true biological relationship....READ FULL ARTICLE

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