My date said the ‘meanest thing he could have said to any woman’ after sex – but people insist he ‘was not being honest’

A SINGLE woman was completely shocked and hurt by the unnecessarily rude comment her date made after having sex. She shared how the negative encounter made her feel, but people think her date‘s words could not be further from the truth....READ FULL ARTICLE

Reddit user AppleCinnamon87 was in disbelief when her date told her that she was unattractive when naked. She shared a post in the group Dating Advice about the conversation that took days after having sex together for the first time.

“He spent the next morning talking and complaining about a previous ex that broke up with him three years ago and also went did a lot of trauma dumping,” she explained.

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The Reddit user knew that he was not the one for her and assumed he felt the same since he “said something along those lines.”

A few days later, she texted him to reassure him that she didn’t want a relationship with him but offered to be an empathetic, listening ear that he could message if he needed someone to talk to.

He responded with an offensive statement that shocked the Reddit user.

“Yeah, I don’t want to sleep with you. I don’t find you physically attractive, you were cute with clothes on, and having lights off helped, but I struggled even getting hard,” the message read.

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“I feel like this is probably the meanest thing he could have said to any woman,” she wrote.

She didn’t know how to feel about the demeaning comment because she exercises, eats healthy, and previously received comments from men that she has a “nice body.” The Reddit user “understood” that he was being “dead honest,” but others weren’t so convinced.

“Ha! Girl, he was not being honest. He was pissy that you ‘ended things’ or rejected him so he had to hit you where it hurts because some people are a**holes,” a Reddit user commented.

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“Bullet dodged. Clearly, that man has no morals, ethics, or empathy in him.”

“He was not being honest. His ego was wounded by rejection and bitter toward women so he was mean to you as a way of getting revenge,” another person added.

“You shouldn’t believe a single word that comes out of his mouth. Guy full of traumas, that only complains about other women, answers like that? Nah,” a reader said.

“He is not being ‘honest’ he is just dumping on top of you his own insecurities, fears, and so on.”...READ FULL ARTICLE

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