I K!lled Him Because he Prevented me From Doing This – Lady Reveals How She K!lled Her House Help

Hafsat Surajo, a 24-year-old housewife from Kano, narrated the shocking incident that led to the death of her house help, Nafiu Hafiz. According to Surajo, the fatal altercation unfolded during a heated argument when Hafiz intervened to prevent her from taking her own life, as reported by Vanguard....READ FULL ARTICLE

“I killed him because he prevented me from killing myself,” confessed Surajo. She explained that a quarrel erupted as Hafiz attempted to stop her from using a knife to harm herself, resulting in a cut on her hand.

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In the aftermath of the struggle, Surajo went inside to change, only to discover Hafiz lying down claiming to be unwell. Seizing the moment, she took up the knife and stabbed him repeatedly.

Commissioner of Police, Mohammed Usaini Gumel, disclosed that Dayyabu Abdullahi, Surajo’s spouse, and Mallam Adam, their security personnel, were apprehended for allegedly concealing the deceased’s remains. The report received, stated that Nafiu Hafiz, aged 38, was found dead at the residence in Unguwa Uku Quarters, Kano.

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“On arrival at the scene of the crime, the motionless body was removed and rushed to Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, where a medical doctor certified him dead,” stated CP Mohammed. Investigations led to the arrest of Hafsat Surajo, shedding light on the disturbing circumstances surrounding the tragic incident....READ FULL ARTICLE

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