BREAKING: Tinubu breaks fast with FEC members, Service Chiefs, heads of MDAs

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu on Tuesday hosted members of the Federal Executive Council (FEC), Service Chiefs and Heads of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to Ramadan Iftar at the State House, Abuja....READ FULL ARTICLE

Many of the cabinet members assembled inside the New Banquet Hall of the State House to break fast with the President.

This would be the second high-level engagement the president will be having with senior public officials since the start of Ramadan.

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Recall that on Thursday, March 14, President Tinubu hosted Governors from the 36 states of the federation for a Ramadan Iftar (breaking of fast).

Tinubu used the opportunity to appeal to all state governors to set aside their political differences and focus on governance.

He also said the country is no longer in the state he met it since assuming office nine months ago, assuring Nigerians that the “tunnel is not as dark as when we started”.

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“Since we recognise the need to build our nation together, the time for politics is over. It is now time for governance,” Tinubu said....READ FULL ARTICLE

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