BREAKING: Nnamdi Kanu protest, tore his clothe, weep like a baby in the court

Kanu, who has been in DSS custody since June 2021, expressed concerns about his health, claiming he was being denied proper treatment and medication....READ FULL ARTICLE

“I am dying in DSS custody,” Kanu declared as he addressed the court, accusing authorities of administering inadequate medication for his heart condition. He further lamented that despite his deteriorating health, he was not allowed access to a doctor of his choice.

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The bail application judgment denied by the court, Kanu insisted on being transferred to Kuje prison, citing concerns about his well-being under DSS custody.

However, Justice Nyako asserted her authority to determine Kanu’s place of detention, stating that she deemed DSS custody to be secure.

Kanu’s plea for transfer comes amidst ongoing tensions in the Southeast, where Ipob’s call for a sit-at-home order has sparked security concerns and led to reported incidents of violence and intimidation.

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Despite Kanu’s impassioned appeal, the court ruled to keep him in DSS custody, prompting further scrutiny of his treatment and the conditions of his detention.

Nnamdi Kanu following the court judgement breakdown in tears and nearly tore his clothe after addressing the media marking the first time the IPOB leader is showing remorsefulness in public regarding his prolonged incarceration....READ FULL ARTICLE

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