BREAKING: Budget padding saga: Atiku blows hot over Ningi’s suspension, threatens fierce opposition

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has threatened that the suspension of Bauchi Central Senator, Abdul Ningi would be met by fierce opposition. Atiku, who is the presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2023 general election, said issues Senator Ningi raised should be addressed instead....READ FULL ARTICLE

Ningi had alleged that Nigeria’s 2024 budget was padded by N3.7 trillion, while claiming the Bola Tinubu administration was running on two different 2024 budgets.

The Bauchi Central Senator, who was suspended following the allegations, also claimed that approved projects were skewed to favour some parts of the country.

Reacting to the suspension of Ningi, Atiku in a statement on Thursday stated that the accusation of budget padding totaling N3 trillion cannot be dismissed lightly by the government.

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While making reference to the unresolved $3.3 billion NNPCL loan repayment scandal, the former Vice President stressed that the suspension of Ningi left with more questions than answers.

Atiku’s statement reads: “Over the past few days, allegations have rocked the Senate, questioning the very integrity of the 2024 Appropriation Act, the cornerstone of our nation’s annual planning and development.

“A fiscal policy analytics and advocacy organization has unequivocally confirmed a disturbing lack of transparency within the 2024 Appropriation Act.

“Furthermore, the sudden suspension of the whistle-blower Senator, without adequate explanation, has only fueled the crisis, leaving us with more questions than answers.

“I demand an immediate and thorough investigation into these allegations. Appropriation lies at the heart of governance, and any deviation from serving the people’s interests will be met with fierce opposition.

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“Denials are unacceptable, and the suspension of one senator cannot silence accusations of corruption and illegal fiscal spending by the federal government.

“Without a clear explanation to the people of Nigeria, we must treat these allegations for what they are: outright fraud.

“The accusation of budget padding totaling N3 trillion cannot be dismissed lightly by the government.

“Given the current hardships facing our nation, a padded budget is already translating to a padded hunger, padded poverty, padded insecurity, padded energy crises, padded forex instability, and the soaring cost of living.

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“The people of Nigeria cannot afford to ignore allegations that worsen our already dire economic situation. “The current federal government has a disgraceful track record of ignoring issues of transparency and due process in public administration.

“The unresolved $3.3 billion NNPCL loan repayment scandal, with Nigeria now expected to repay $12 billion, remains a glaring example.

“The Tinubu administration must address these high-profile corruption cases transparently. “The National Assembly, as the elected representatives of the people, are constitutionally obligated to legislate for the peace, order, and good governance of our nation, without colluding with corrupt elements. “Failure to do so and persisting in denial will only confirm the government’s complicity in official malpractice”.…READ FULL ARTICLE

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