BREAKING: “Many lawmakers are sleeping with Bobrisky” – Verydarkman alleges

Controversial activist, Martins Vincent Otse, better known as Verydarkman has openly challenged the government to take action against Bobrisky, alleging reasons the popular crossdresser remains untouched....READ FULL ARTICLE

Previously, an Abuja-based crossdresser, known as Area Mama, disclosed details about engaging in relationships with numerous men over the years.

In response, Verydarkman asserted that individuals like Area Mama and Bobrisky continue to evade legal consequences due to their alleged associations with influential figures, including prominent individuals and lawmakers.

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He pointed out Bobrisky’s public statements about his relationships with men and alleged that male benefactors especially lawmakers sustain his lavish lifestyle.

Verydarkman boldly challenged the government to enforce laws against homosexuality by arresting Bobrisky, citing the potential penalty of up to 14 years imprisonment under Nigerian law....READ FULL ARTICLE

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