CHALLENGE! A Zimbabwean Woman From Bulawayo Now Claims, No Woman Can Ever Take My Husband Away; Many Have Attempted, But They Always End Up Pleading With Me For Pardon.

Sleeping with someone’s husband is a crime. Despite being an antisocial behavior, still there is a series of women who are driven by lust and urge of being serial husband snatchers....READ FULL ARTICLE

They break marriages and leave dents into victims lives. But to Alexis Serima, a 43-year-old woman she found a way of dealing with husband snatchers something she says at least seven women have come to kneel before her to beg for forgiveness for attempting to snatch her politician husband.

The 48-year-old says she was once upset by how women would make it a tendency of snatching her husband from her. He would miss home for even a month but she since then got a dossier which worked wonders and no woman dares to today.

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“I took special spells from Dr Mawanda after I found his blog spot iharare through a news feed which had his articles. He offered me spells which locked my husband into going into a relationship with any woman. This meant if any woman than me would sleep with him, then she would have days to recall into their life,” She said.

The spells have since caught seven women. She says the seven had tempted to be in relationship with her husband. All the seven had weird experiences in their life like experiencing weird and scary consistence dreams, testicle growth underneath their private regions or sickness , where they all came rushing to her for forgiveness.

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“They would all come to me. The spells would be reversed after they paid hefty fines. It has been a successful spell into my life, given that my husband associates with many women at his daily routine activities who want to get into a relationship with him,” She added.

Dr. Mawanda says his spell casting powers work within 24 hours, and usually within the same day they are released. He handles general problems ranging from Office problems, business problems, pot of riches , examination, police station cases, high spirit of pastors, visa problems, chieftaincy wrangles, election wins, recover money from cafe or fraud guys, inning court cases, winning the lottery, protection of family and property, as well as accurately foretelling one’s future.

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Many others who have been assisted by Dr. Mawanda say they have received powerful healing and are now more connected to their fellow lonely hearts.

Take note that Mawanda Herbal Specialists exercises doctor-convalescent discretion neither patient’s portfolio, account (s), name nor private affairs will be split to a minor party or organization or made communal except if not patient/s on their own autonomy desires to give attestation...READ FULL ARTICLE

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