President Tinubu Urges Governors to Provide Land for Herders to Graze: A Comprehensive Approach to Resolve Farmer-Herder Crisis in Nigeria

Addressing the ongoing farmer-herder crisis in Nigeria, President Ahmed Bola Tinubu has called on all governors in the country to provide land for herders to graze on....READ FULL ARTICLE

Speaking at the flag off of the agricultural mechanization revolution for food security and commissioning of the remodelled domestic terminal of the Bola Ahmed Tinubu International Airport in Minna, Niger state on Monday, the President emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach to resolve this issue and banish hunger from the land.

According to the President, providing land for herders will not only put a stop to frequent clashes between herders and farmers but also prevent the loss of lives and farm produce.

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He highlighted the importance of re-orienting the farming population, including livestock programs, and emphasized the potential for Nigeria to feed all the pupils in schools with one pint of milk daily if the dairy system is well harnessed.

President Tinubu also stressed the need for governors to fight collectively to banish hunger from the land.

He assured the public that the student loan program will commence and unemployment benefits for graduates will be provided. Additionally, social security programs for the elderly and vulnerable will also be initiated.

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The President’s call for action comes after reports that over 60,000 lives were lost as a result of farmers/herders clashes in the country.

Middle Belt or most parts of the North Central region have been major theaters of this insecurity, especially the farmer herder conflicts.

The Niger state governor, Farmer Umar Bago, emphasized the importance of agriculture in addressing the challenges in critical sectors of the economy.

He announced that the state government has taken responsibility for the completion of the airport, which was once in a state of disrepair.

The airport, now named after President Tinubu, was commissioned during the event.

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Dignitaries who attended the airport commissioning included governors of Lagos, Benue, Kwara, and Kogi State, as well as ministers and members of the National Assembly.

President Tinubu’s call for governors to provide land for herders to graze on is a significant step towards resolving the farmer-herder crisis in Nigeria.

This comprehensive approach, combined with the commitment to social security, unemployment benefits, and the development of the agricultural sector, has the potential to banish hunger from the land and create a more prosperous future for Nigeria....READ FULL ARTICLE

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