JUST IN: We are heading down a dangerous path as Islamist extremists are using Israel as their nuclear weapon

BRITISH justice was shamed yesterday as pro-Israel demonstrator Niyak Ghorbani was dragged to the ground in London by four uniformed cops. A senior officer completed this act of gross stupidity, triumphantly scrunching the Iranian’s protest poster....READ FULL ARTICLE

In three simple words it spelled out official Government policy: “HAMAS IS TERRORIST”.

Other cops looked on as pro-Palestinian marchers gridlocked the city as they have every week since 1,200 innocent Jewish civilians were butchered by Hamas on October 7.

Britain’s tiny Jewish population now lives in fear. Children face threats if they dare to wear the kippah skullcap. This reminds me of a time when soldiers could safely wear their uniforms on civvy street — until IRA terrorists put a target on their backs.

Yet IRA fans were never seen marching through London protected by British bobbies. A harsh comparison but Jewish people have a saying: “It starts with the Jews but it never ends with the Jews.”

Islamist extremists, twinned with Trotskyist hardliners, have a common goal, the destruction of capitalism and our free-thinking way of life.

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They are using Israel, the only democracy on the Arab peninsula, as their nuclear weapon. We are heading down a dangerous path.

One London borough, the original setting for EastEnders’ Walford, is now known as the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets.

Moment Anti-Israel protesters march to World Indoor Athletics Champs as they say ‘Shame on You’ to Sebastian Coe Failure to integrate or learn English has led to decades of isolation, especially for Muslim women in a male-dominated society.

Under convicted vote-rigger Mayor Lutfur Rahman, Palestinian flags fly in what Tory MP Paul Scully has called “a no-go area” for outsiders.

Conjoined evils

Similar scenes are found in cities across the country, not least in Rochdale, where rabble-rouser George Galloway has been elected on a landslide “vote for Gaza”.

We are paying the price for the wilful blindness of our political leaders in the face of constant warnings, not least from moderate Muslims.

Ed Husain, a reformed extremist, wrote 17 years ago about this threat in his book The Islamist.

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Now he warns Britain faces a crisis as the subversive Muslim Brotherhood, banned in the Arab world, asserts control of migrant communities across the Western world.

“If Britain fails in this task, Europe will too,” he writes in The Sunday Times.

“Islam and immigration will come to be seen as twin, conjoined evils.

“We must avoid that disastrous path.” Downing Street fears well-meaning but gullible Brits are being used as “useful idiots” by left-wing and Islamist extremists.

Communities Secretary Michael Gove, who condemned the appeasement of extremism after the 7/7 London bombings, yesterday pleaded with marchers to be careful of the company they keep.

“Free speech has to be protected,” he said. “But there are people who are operating deliberately to undermine our democracy.”

Calls for the extinction of Israel “from the river to the sea” amounted to “the legitimisation of an extremist position which intimidates and leads to hate”.

Yet within hours, his own newly picked anti-Muslim hatred tsar, Fiyaz Mughal, had quit in the face of “vile threats” to himself and his family.

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Such intimidation was illustrated yesterday by Lib Dem Baroness Falkner, head of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission.

Lady Falkner, a Pakistani-born Muslim, came close to quitting amid trumped-up charges of bullying . . . by allegedly “rolling her eyes at staff”.

“One of the things that’s come as a surprise to people like me is that we seem to be failing to integrate,” she told The Sunday Telegraph.

“The majority of Muslims in our country have no dispute about Israel’s right to exist, have absolutely no truck with organisations like Hamas and actually regret that the events of October 7 have led to the great catastrophe for fellow Muslims.

“We also have to recognise that large numbers of first-generation migrants haven’t had the background of growing up in a rights-respecting country.”

Britain and its Muslim community is paying dearly for the reluctance by some to mix with non-Muslim neighbours ...READ FULL ARTICLE

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