JUST IN: Presidency Speaks on a powerful ‘cabal’ forming in Aso Rock Plotting to Hijack Tinubu’s Administration

The Nigerian Presidency has dismissed speculations about a powerful ‘cabal’ forming in Aso Rock with the intention of taking control of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration....READ FULL ARTICLE

In an interview on TVC Politics, Presidential media aide Ajuri Ngelale clarified that no individual or group could exert control over the President’s actions.

He emphasized that the President has structured his government in a way that prevents any single official or group from influencing governance to the point of hijacking it.

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Ngelale highlighted President Tinubu’s extensive knowledge of governance mechanisms at both the federal and sub-national levels.

He emphasized that no individual in the Presidency has a monopoly over what the President sees, hears, and reads, as direct access is granted to those who need it.

Regular communication is maintained with the heads of intelligence agencies, anti-graft agencies, and other relevant entities.

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The Presidential media aide further emphasized that President Tinubu is aware of past dynamics and is determined to prevent any cabal from forming around him.

He has intentionally chosen individuals like the current CBN Governor, Mr. Olayemi Cardoso, known for being a prudent manager of resources.

President Tinubu has also reviewed organizational structures and intends to enact legislative changes to ensure that similar situations cannot occur again.

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Ngelale assured Nigerians that President Tinubu’s background as an auditor and accountant will enable him to close any loopholes within the system, just as he did during his tenure as Governor of Lagos State....READ FULL ARTICLE

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