Herbert Wigwe’s Father, Pa Shyngle Wigwe Hale and Hearty [Photos]

The father of the late Herbert Wigwe, former Access Bank CEO, Shyngle Wigwe, who was rumoured to have taken ill and moved to the hospital following an alleged relapse, has been confirmed to be hail and hearty....READ FULL ARTICLE

News broke out online on Saturday alleging that the 89-year-old had slumped during the funeral of his late son, Herbert Wigwe in Isiokpo. The rumour further alleged that Pa Wigwe was rushed to the hospital and may have passed on.

Herbert, his late son, died in a helicopter crash in the USA along with his wife, Doreen and son, Chizzy and a business associate in February. Late Herbert, his wife and son were buried on Saturday in a private cemetery in Isiokpo, Ikwerre LGA of Rivers state.

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Close family friends have come out to refute the rumours with evidences of healthy Shyngle Wigwe posing in pictures with some of them.

Proudly Ikwerrian TV, an online news portal domiciled in Ikwerre, The Wigwe’s LGA in Rivers state posted thus:

“Please Disregard the reported news of Herbert Wigwe’s father, Shyngle Wigwe, collapsing during his Son funeral ceremony.

He is alive.”

Ikwerre TV Other close friends of the family who attended the funeral shared photos of themselves with Pa Wigwe online to disperse the rumours.

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Dabota Daniella Godswill Jumbo wrote on her Facebook handle thus:

“Daddy Wigwe, Father of Late Herbert wigwe is fine and not dead.

I was in attendance like other women who visited Papa Wigwe at his home Town in Isiokpo..He is alive..Not dead..He did not slump..

Let the Wigwes breath..

Stop the hate.

Stop circulating falsehood.”

She accompanied her post with a picture of her and the elderly man.

About Pastor Shyngle Wigwe, Herbert Wigwe’s Father

Pastor Herbert Wigwe attended Okrika Grammar School between 1949 and 1953, after which he proceeded to Yaba Technical Institute (now Yaba College of Technology) from 1957 to 1959, where he learnt engineering.

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He joined the Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) in 1954 before moving to England in 1959, when he got the BBC training course as well as a federal scholarship. He studied at Southampton Technical College, UK, from 1960 to 1962, and at the University of Pittsburgh until 1979.

He was a military officer colleague of Olusegun Obasanjo and Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu in Kaduna at the time of Nigeria’s first military coup in January 1966. Pa Shyngle had an encounter with Nzeogwu shortly before the coup that would have cost him his life had he spoken about it at that time....READ FULL ARTICLE

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