Even God Will Be Angry If We Build A Cathedral With $450m When Children Don’t Have Desks

“The President said that he made a pledge to God that if he won the election he would build a Cathedral for him. And we were told that public funds were not going to be used for the Cathedral”, he said....READ FULL ARTICLE

The former President also rebuked the government for relying on public funds to finance the project.

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“But eventually, we found that the Minister of Finance was releasing public taxes

We can’t use public funds including the funds of people of other denominations to build a Cathedral for Christians alone”, he added.

“So far, 58 million dollars of public funds have been spent just to dig a deep hole and you have to ask yourself is it justified in this day and age when children don’t have desks in schools when children do not have textbooks?”, he added.

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The former President believes it would have been more prudent to allocate the funds earmarked for the cathedral project towards supporting education, especially considering the government’s expenditure on consultancy services and other expenses for the project...READ FULL ARTICLE

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