BREAKING: Traders sell 50kg bag of rice at new price, rice brands with lowest prices revealed

The price of rice in Nigeria, has skyrocketed to the point where it is unaffordable for most Nigerians. The prices of grains have increased at a whopping 98.47% in the last 12 months....READ FULL ARTICLE

According to experts, the increment in the price of local parboiled rice is due to the scarcity of paddy rice in the country. The current prices of some top rice brands – that are weighed at 50kg in the market are listed below:

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Mama gold rice

Some retailers in Nigeria have reported that the commodity’s price has risen to about N78,500 in Lagos.

Royal stallion rice

A 50kg Stallion brand sells for N77,000 to N80,000, depending on the location and grain type.

Big bull rice

The price for the Big bull rice is between N77,000 and N80,000 per 50kg per bag, depending on the location and gran type.

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Mama’s choice rice

Mama’s choice rice is sold for between N87,000 and N90,000 per 50kg, depending on the brand.

Elephant rice

It sells 50kg of product bags for N77,000 to N83,000, depending on the seller, location and grain type.

Mama’s pride rice

This rice brand is grown in Nigeria by Olam group, and depending on location, it sells for N70,000 and N85,000 per 50kg bag ...READ FULL ARTICLE

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