“Worshippers Of Obi Feel Triggered And Compelled To Insult And Attack Anyone Who Criticize Their Personal Lord And Saviour”- Deji Adeyanju Berates Obidients For Attacking Bello El-Rufai For His Opinion

Outspoken activist and lawyer, Deji Adeyanju, didn’t mince words as he criticized supporters of Peter Gregory Obi, affectionately referred to as Obidients, for their vehement attacks on Bello El-Rufai over his recent opinions....READ FULL ARTICLE

The past week witnessed a flurry of controversies, with one standout moment being a video where Bello El-Rufai asserted that Tinubu’s political experience surpassed that of the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, who clinched third place in the previous year’s elections.

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Moreover, the House of Representatives member drew comparisons between Anambra and Lagos States to reinforce his assertions, stirring significant debate across various online platforms.

On Sunday, Deji Adeyanju took to his X platform to rebuke the onslaughts launched by Obidients against Bello El-Rufai.

“Why do worshippers of Obi feel triggered and compelled to insult and attack anyone who criticize their personal lord and saviour, Peter Obi? And they criticize other politician daily. The attacks against Bello ElRufai simply for expressing himself is childish and needless.” He stated via his X handle....READ FULL ARTICLE

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