JUST IN: Fashion Designer Cries Out as Celebrity Client Asks Her to Choose Between N700k Payment and IG Tag

A Nigerian fashion designer found herself in a difficult position after being contacted by a celebrity to make a dress. The lady identified as @ blair_goodfashion on TikTok said the celebrity gave her two options to choose from as a mode of payment....READ FULL ARTICLE

According to the fashion designer, the celebrity asked her to choose between getting paid in cash or getting tagged on her page.

She revealed that the price for the outfit she made for the celebrity was N700k.

She’s currently in a dilemma on whether to take her money or forget about the money so the celebrity could tag her instead.

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In her words:

“POV: you made an outfit for a Nigeria Celebrity and she said you should choose between paying you your 700k or tagging you on Instagram.

Guysss I am confused.”

Some netizens in the comments section advised the fashion designer to collect the N700k.

Omowunmic said:

“Collect your 700k then when she post her video putting on the dress. Come back and tell us here & we will go under her post to do the tagging for you.”

OLUWAJOY reacted:

“If you’re a small brand and the celebrity is proper influential, take the Instagram post.”

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Oladipupo Omobolanle said:

“Have you seen Flawsome season 2? Abeg collect your money.”

Prom_Chy said:

“Flawsome movie. The celebrity tagged another designer even before giving the girl these options (a).”

Elebianca reacted:

“Collect your money if she post the video go under the comment section and comment thanks for patronize.”

RentALocalChef said:

“Collect the money and use 50k of of it and do sponsored ads.”

Dave Anierobi said:

“Lol. Agreement na agreement, if u guys negotiated money, at the beginning, collect your money, if she knew she had tagging in mind, why she no talk.”

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Teezar reacted:

“Collect your 700k. When she makes the post. Go into the comments and drop a comment about how you enjoyed working on the design and all.”

The_Mary_Jacobs said:

“Collect the money and make a video showing your work. Tag the person sef.”...READ FULL ARTICLE

Watch the video below:


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