“If na Christain do am now, dem go dey shout” Christians reacts as Asake allegedly mocks them in his new music video

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Asake has been in a heated spot of criticism after allegedly mocking Christians in his new music video.
The singer who has quite dominated the Nigerian music firm, yesterday, released the official music video of his hit song ‘Only Me’...READ FULL ARTICLE

The video as many anticipated looked quite good but heavily pissed off Christians, especially Catholics.

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This is because, in the video directed by TG Omori, Asake was spotted wearing Catholic bishop garments and even performing some of their popular Godly rites while enacting with his colleagues and dancers.

Via all the social media platforms, Christians have knocked at him parading that he has found taste in mocking the church following his recent music that also featured church scenes....READ FULL ARTICLE

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Watch video here


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