“He Took $12m Anambra State Money And Invested It In His Family Business, Saved State Money In His Bank To Get Interest”- Adeyanju Slams Peter Obi For Claiming Nigerian Politicians Are Wicked

Political commentator Deji Adeyanju has launched a scathing attack on former Anambra State Governor Peter Obi in response to Obi’s recent assertion that Nigerian politicians are inherently wicked....READ FULL ARTICLE

Adeyanju wasted no time in criticizing the former governor, accusing him of hypocrisy and financial malpractice during his tenure.

In a bold statement made via his social media platform, Adeyanju condemned Obi’s remarks, pointing to alleged mismanagement of state funds.

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According to Adeyanju, Obi purportedly diverted $12 million of Anambra State funds into his family’s business ventures and further alleged that Obi saved state funds in his personal bank account to accrue interest.

“Peter Obi took $12m Anambra State money and put it in his family business then made a law to justify it like Tinubu did in Lagos with Alpha Beta. Refused to do projects but was saving state money in his bank to get interest. If that is not wickedness, then I don’t know what is.”...READ FULL ARTICLE

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