California high school students walk out in protest after Jewish student was called ‘dirty Jew’ and attacked

El Camino Real Charter High School students protested growing antisemitism on their campus in a walkout on Tuesday. The walkout at the Woodland Hills school followed an alleged incident against 15-year-old Jewish student Danielle Eshed....READ FULL ARTICLE

According to Eshed, a student screamed antisemitic comments before attacking her a little over a week ago.

“He called me a dirty Jew , and then I said something out of defense,” Danielle told KTLA-TV Channel 5. “He said he was going to beat me up, and I didn’t believe him until he got up, pushed me and started punching me repeatedly in the neck and the back.”

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“I was really shocked because he said he would beat me up, but I didn’t think that he was telling the truth until he got up and started to punch me,” she said. “I was just sitting there in silence because I was shocked at what was happening because that never really happened to me. I was like in shock at what was going on. I couldn’t process.”

Eshed’s father joined the protest, claiming that the school had dismissed their claims and would not elaborate on how the student was punished.

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“The school thinks that he has more rights than my daughter for protection,” Eshed said. “He has rights to be educated, but my daughter [doesn’t] have the rights for her safety.”

He added, “I want from the school to protect my daughter, to keep her safe, and to give her a good education.”

In a comment to the station, the school’s executive director David Hussey stated that the student had been disciplined, but suggested that some students simply “don’t know what they’re saying.”

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“One is addressing the issues. Maybe some students don’t know what they’re saying and what the impacts are, so it’s educating those students and then reassuring the other students that they are safe at this school,” Hussey said.

Students also claimed that notes have been passed about Hitler and suggesting that the curriculum around World War II is offensive. Parents said that antisemitic incidents and bullying have increased since the surprise attack on Israel by Hamas forces on Oct. 7....READ FULL ARTICLE

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