“You’re Not Going To Be Here Much Longer”: Deion Sanders Sends Brutal Reality Check to Colorado Football Amid High Expectations

As the 2024 regular season draws closer with each passing day, HC Deion Sanders is getting increasingly more serious. The Colorado Buffaloes may not have delivered the expectations of fans last season but this year, change is coming, at least that’s what Coach Prime wants everyone to believe....READ FULL ARTICLE

And he’s emphasizing one big question on the coaches and players – “ Can you help us win? ”

For Deion Sanders, he sees 2024 as a year of dominating, of winning. And he’s making sure that everybody in the program is giving their 100% in making that ambition a reality. Take a look at his prep talk to his dawgs as the Buffs look to dominate the 2024 season with their competitive spirit.

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The Buffs have already secured some of the top players for the 2024 season in the likes of Jordan Seaton, Drelon Miller, and Brandon Davis-Swain, among others. And in the words of Coach Prime, “ I feel as though we are better than we were now .” But he also issues a stern warning to his coaches and players saying, “ Can you help us win? That’s the determining factor.

If you can’t help us win, you’re not going to be here much longer. If you’re part of the problem and not part of the solution, you’re not going to be here much longer .”

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Coach Prime slams those who aren’t sincere in their efforts and dedication. He said, “ You know why you can’t help us? Because you’re not willing to invest in helping yourself. ” The 56-year-old doesn’t take things for granted nor will he sit back and watch things crumble before him.

He’s ready to do the hard things even if it means dismissing someone from their position just as what happened with Bishop Thomas.

Rules are there to be followed and whether or not a player follows them displays his state of discipline. As a hardcore advocate of good discipline, Deion Sanders had no choice but to dismiss the former Buffs DL Bishop Thomas for violating team rules.

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The violation led to an indefinite suspension for the player who was not spotted in any team practice and drills.

Bishop Thomas, who played the 2022 season with Florida State, was part of Coach Prime’s roster when he entered Colorado in 2023. In his first and last season with the Buffs, he played nine games recording 117 snaps on defense, six tackles, and two fumble recoveries.

His dismissal should serve as a warning for the Buffs players and coaches as Deion Sanders has made it clear that he’s not going to tolerate unwanted behaviors.…READ FULL ARTICLE

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