We Will No Longer Attend Any Meeting With FG On Eve Of Industrial Action-NLC

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has said that it will no longer honour federal government invitations to attend late-night meetings, especially on the eve of its planned industrial actions....READ FULL ARTICLE

NLC President Comrade Joe Ajaero disclosed this while responding to questions from journalists at a briefing in Abuja on Wednesdays.

Ajaero said the meetings were typically a ploy to mislead the Congress and prevent it from carrying out its scheduled protests or strikes.

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He said: “Each time they invite us for meetings, we will attend and listen to them because if we don’t attend, they will blackmail us. You are aware that they held a meeting with us till late on Sunday. While that meeting was on, they wrote letters to all the unions to undermine us.

“You’re meeting with the leadership of the NLC, and you’re still inviting every union in the country to undermine us. Even at that meeting, where I was talking, they wanted two of my deputies to be talking, so that we don’t have leaders, but we survived all that.

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“There is nothing on earth they have not done to subvert the NLC. Nothing! And we’re still waxing stronger. Henceforth, the NLC will no longer be comfortable attending meetings on the eve of any action. Never again! It was a waste of time, a waste of energy and nothing comes from such meetings.”

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Ajaero claimed that the government was fond of breaching agreements and that the Congress would no longer be blackmailed moving forward.

He said, “We want to reiterate that if the government fails to comply within the specified time frame, the NEC will convene again to decide on the next line of action.…READ FULL ARTICLE

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