“People that marry actors dey try” -Massive reactions as Deyemi Okanlawon and Venita Akpofure gets sensual in movie scene

A raunchy movie scene featuring actor Deyemi Okanlawo and former BBNaija reality star Venita Akpofure has sparked online discussion....READ FULL ARTICLE

Venita, who plays Nadia in the film, has a seductive allure in the clip and attempts to trap Deyemi Okanlawon in a romantic entanglement.

After a night of partying, the two find themselves submerged in a bathtub, with Deyemi resting his head on Venita’s chest. In this personal situation, Venita confesses her wish for a serious partnership.

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Watch the video below…

This video has caused a lot of people to react to the movie scene as many pitied partners married to actors.

@ lyndzynora wrote:“I just want to find out something, are they really inside the bath tub naked abi is it film trick?????”

naija_rich_kids wrote:“Those of you dating or married to actors how una dey manage? The Lord is your strength.”

ella_of_troy wrote:“You people that marry actors Dey try ooo…. So I will be watching another woman touch my man upandan????.”

lorah_irez wrote:“He Don chop clean mouth, a man knows what he wants from day one ????????.”

pen_wizard_esq wrote:“How you go from saying one night to wanting a relationship after one round pere ?”

faith_anammah wrote:“Omo I no fit marry actor????I go just de faint.”

izz_ruthy wrote:“???? deyemiiii best in hurting girls in movies ????”...READ FULL ARTICLE

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