Drama As Pedestrian Disregards Protocol, Crosses Road While President Tinubu’s Mammoth Convoy Moves Through Lagos – Watch Controversial Video

Yesterday, President Tinubu of Nigeria, ahead of today’s commissioning of the red line project undertaken by Sanwo-Olu’s administration, was sighted traversing the streets of Lagos with his expansive convoy amidst nationwide insecurity exacerbated by prevailing hardships....READ FULL ARTICLE

Amidst the ensuing traffic chaos caused by Mr. President’s convoy yesterday, a standout moment captured in the viral video is when a daring road user chose to defy conventional wisdom by crossing the road while Tinubu’s convoy was still in motion.

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Experience the scene in the video below:

Peter: “Lol with all the yeye plenty security, he is so easy to target. No be person cross road easily imagine that person carrying a bomb or something smh. Just wastage no proper protocol.”

Adewale Johnson: “Senior man no send president Wetin concern poor man with protocol.”

OnlyTobah: “We are talking about number one citizen of a nation Do you expect him to be in a danfo or on a TVS motorcycle? Make una Dey try receive sense for this app abeg.”

Big Smile: “Meanwhile, the people on the other side of the road are suffering.”…READ FULL ARTICLE

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