FG Speaks On Sacking Thousands Of Workers Affected By Tinubu’s New Order

Amid concerns surrounding the implementation of Steve Oronsaye’s report, Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, has stated the stand of the federal government....READ FULL ARTICLE

The directive by Tinubu to implement Oronsaye’s report would reportedly affect thousands of workers in the scrapped and subsumed agencies.

However, Idris has assured that the federal government has no plans to retrench workers. He emphasized that the consolidation of certain parastatals aims to enhance efficiency in the civil service and reduce costs.

Idris, speaking at a ministerial press briefing series in Abuja, explained the rationale behind the restructuring of departments and agencies.

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He stated: “The consideration of Steve Oronsaye’s report is to improve efficiency in the Civil service. This does not mean that the government intends to retrench workers.”

Highlighting the government’s approach to cost reduction, Idris said: “Only two days ago, the President approved a revolutionary approach towards reducing the cost of governance through the implementation of the much-talked-about Oronsaye Report – 12 years after the report was submitted to the then President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.”

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He continued, “This is a clear demonstration of Mr. President’s unwavering commitment to fiscal prudence and responsible governance by championing a comprehensive review of the government‘s commissions, agencies, and parastatals.”

Idris stressed that the government meticulously assessed its decisions on Oronsaye’s report. He noted, “The merger of some agencies and parastatals and the scrapping of others are not decisions taken lightly. It followed careful consideration and strategic planning to ensure that essential services are not compromised and that the needs of our citizens are adequately addressed while putting the interests of the nation first and foremost.”

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Regarding President Tinubu’s objectives, he added, “Through the implementation of Oronsaye’s Report, President Tinubu aims to achieve significant cost savings by eliminating duplication of functions, streamlining administrative processes, and optimizing resource allocation.”

Idris concluded, “It is worth noting that these measures are not undertaken in isolation but are part of a broader strategy to reform and modernize government institutions by leveraging technology, promoting innovation, and fostering a culture of performance and accountability across all sectors.”...READ FULL ARTICLE

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