Suspected Thief Forced to Dance to Praise and Worship Gospel Songs After Being Caught Red-Handed Stealing in a Residential House

The video captures a poignant yet amusing moment that’s circulating on social media, depicting a young suspected notorious thief being coerced into dancing after being caught in an attempted theft....READ FULL ARTICLE

The young man, visibly bruised from the righteous beating he received from the public, was compelled to dance to gospel tunes while those who had beaten him cheered on his ‘remarkable’ moves.

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Comments on the video suggest that the infamous thief was caught breaking into a house to steal household items.

Unfortunately, he was apprehended and severely beaten by members of the community.

After hours of receiving applause and heavy blows, he was made to dance to a set of gospel songs to prove that he had genuinely repented from his wicked ways.

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From the looks of it in the video, the thief appears unrecognizable due to the heavy blows raining down on his face, leaving his entire visage swollen....READ FULL ARTICLE