“Please, don’t fix” – Husband begs, bribes repairer with 50€ not to fix phone as wife set to check WhatsApp messages

A husband garnered attention on social media after damaging his phone while his wife was about to check his WhatsApp messages as he he begged the phone repairer not to fix the phone for his sake....READ FULL ARTICLE

The post was captioned: “Please tell my wife that you can’t fix my phone. She wants to check my WhatsApp messages. 5€ is yours, thanks.”

In the post, the man, who is white, attempted to check his phone and attached a note to the back of the damaged phone, pleading with the phone repairer not to repair it.

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He also attached the sum of 50€ to bribe the phone repairer.

Not long after the video made its way to the internet, concerned individuals stormed the comment page of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Èxclúsïvê🌴Everg Lu Sikapounds: “Wife will give you double if you fixe it choose oh.”

adwoaoj: “What if the repairer can’t read.”

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Your_ Fav, Krobo _Queen: “After telling me you can’t fix the problem, I’ll send it to another repairer 😂😅💔3no nso errr.”

Tofik: “Don’t fix the phone period.! Fa wo gyimii fixi phone no water.”

Tajweed_quran1: “What if he took the money then the wife also takes the phone to another repair shop 🥺 what will happen.”

Minah’s Kloset: “What if the wife is standing on the phone techs side?”

Edmund: “Repairer give me 300 and I will make sure the phone is fixed.”

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ruthy2000: “wahala be like bicycle if the repairer cannot.”

SIM SCOTT: “The brotherhood is proud of the repairer.”

selinagyimah0: “Wen he takes the money out ,,, we will take it to another repairer.”...READ FULL ARTICLE


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