My Wife Must Wear A Nightdress To Bed And Make It Easy For Me To Access – Nigerian Man Who Reunited With His Wife Sets New Rule

In a startling turn of events, a Nigerian man, who separated from his wife in 2020 after having two children together, has established 23 stringent rules that he insists she must adhere to if they are to reconcile. Uniquely, these rules are slated for annual review to ensure compliance....READ FULL ARTICLE

Among the rules outlined by the man, he asserts that the wife must acknowledge his perpetual correctness, accept his role as the master in the family regardless of employment status, and seek permission before making any decisions, whether related to finances or personal matters.

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Even in the intimate setting of their bedroom, the woman is required to ask for permission before turning away from him.

Furthermore, the guidelines specify that, in the event of a disagreement, the wife should maintain a composed demeanor if a visitor unexpectedly arrives, and she must smile as though nothing has happened. Should she believe she is in the right, the first rule asserts his perpetual correctness.

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A particularly controversial rule dictates that the wife should exclusively go to bed in a nightdress without undergarments, except during her menstrual period, to facilitate easy access for the man at any time. The man emphasizes that this is because she was meant to be his.

The stringent set of rules also dictates that the husband does not take orders from his wife, reserving the authority to issue commands. The woman is instructed not to object to her husband’s decisions unless she is unwell.

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In matters of intimacy, the guidelines state that the wife should not deny her husband conjugal rights unless she is unwell or deeply engrossed in prayers.…READ FULL ARTICLE

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