Tinubu is streetwise president, no one before him has the expertise and finance he has–According to Ayo Opadokun

As per the Vanguard report, Chief Ayo Opadokun, the Secretary General of the National Democratic Coalition, commends President Tinubu for his proficiency in the fields of finance and economy....READ FULL ARTICLE

He implies that Tinubu possesses the necessary knowledge and understanding to devise policies that can ameliorate the state of affairs in Nigeria.

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He emphasizes that Tinubu has a “duty” to use his abilities to assist in rescuing people from destitution.

He said, “Take the last statement that NADECO issued to him when he won at the Supreme Court. The open letter we wrote to him. I have explained in clear terms that President Bola Tinubu is a street-wise president. We should give it to him that of all the people before him, no one has the expertise, and technical knowledge of economy and finance as he has.

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He has an abounding duty to utilize that gift, that knowledge to initiate policies that can lift the Nigerian people out of the current unacceptable level of economic misery and poverty.”…READ FULL ARTICLE