Lady Who Performed Wonders With Omah Lay, Apologizes After She Got Her Boyfriend Ending Their Relationship

Jessani, a lady who gained attention on social media for leaving her boyfriend to dance with Nigerian singer Omah Lay at his concert, has tendered a public apology. This was revealed in a recent video she uploaded on her TikTok page....READ FULL ARTICLE

Jessani (Jess) explained in the video that since the incident happened, she has been called out, threatened, and insulted by many people.

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She mentioned having a private conversation with her boyfriend about the matter, but since the incident occurred in public, she felt the need to address it openly.

She maintained that the incident, which she now regrets, was an honest mistake. Addressing rumors about her name, she clarified that her name is not Fafa and requested that the public refer to her as Jess.

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Moreover, she clarified that she, not her boyfriend, purchased the ticket to the show, contrary to public perception.

The video contains several other sensitive statements....READ FULL ARTICLE