JUST IN: Sanwo-Olu calls on US and African multinationals to explore investment opportunities in Lagos

Governor of Lagos State Babajide Sanwo-Olu has reiterated his administration’s commitment to creating a welcoming environment for investment, particularly emphasizing the potential of multinationals from the United States and Africa....READ FULL ARTICLE

This pledge was made during a courtesy visit by the Corporate Council on Africa, headed by its President/CEO Ms. Florie Liser, at the Lagos House, Marina, as detailed in a statement on the Lagos State website this Saturday.

Highlighting the readiness of Lagos to embrace investments, Governor Sanwo-Olu encouraged both foreign and local investors to view the state as an appealing destination for investment.

He underscored his government’s readiness to implement necessary actions to ensure a favorable business climate, aiming to make Lagos an attractive hub for investment opportunities.

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“The world is actually moving and it is moving very fast. And it is no longer news that if the world wants to move, Africa is where that movement can happen. For us in Lagos, we are ready and our government is open.

“We have a city to run, a massive subnational that’s bigger than some other African countries. We are striving to make the city livable, resilient and equally competitive with other cities in the world and when we see ratings and outcomes of global rankings, we are excited. What it does for us is that it makes us also work harder because nobody is slowing down.

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“This government is certainly committed. We are pushing on all the verticals of our economic agenda. We are trying to make life more meaningful for our citizens. We are trying to galvanize all the opportunities that are here.

Lagos is open; it is ready and it is really for people to see it, smell it, and make the right call. The call is to see it as an investment attractive destination. And whatever you want us to do as a government, we are always willing to do it.

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“We are happy that you have come on a courtesy visit. We are willing to grow the partnership. My government is open and willing to engage further in whatever form that can make your members feel confident that the government is helping and willing to help investments.

The number is here, people are here and the environment is here. Let us create a mutual government-to-business and business-to-government relationship,”Sanwo-Olu said.…READ FULL ARTICLE

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