“He never left my side for 1 minute” – Wife appreciates husband following 13 hours of labour

A wife who laboured for 13 hours appreciates her husband for never leaving her alone while recounting the ordeal she went through before giving birth to her beautiful child. The wife known as @aunty_ehi on TikTok took to the platform to share with netizens the unusual and immensely straining experience she had to undergo....READ FULL ARTICLE

She revealed that she had to labour for a shocking 13 hours at the maternity. Throughout those 13 hours, her husband never left her side.

In the video she shared, she was seen very much in pain as she continued to roll from one side to the other. H

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er mother-in-law was also at the hospital , on her knees praying to God for a safe delivery.

Following 13 hours, she finally gave birth to her child, and the end segment of the video shows her cradling the little bundle of joy.

adahenry741 commented: “this was me earlier today but God came true for me my blue jet landed safely”

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judy_Ahams stated: “this was me on Sunday but my labour was 4 hours and 1 push may God bless all pregnant women”

Laura bby penned: “Definition of a good man🥺🥺🥰hope I get a man like this wen the time is right”

winner2222 shared: “my husband left nd was pressing phone and discussing with strangers we met there he even told me 15 yrs dey enter born at my age say i dey cry lyk bby”

abubakarrukayat75 wrote:“i lost a baby girl last year, almost a year now…am pregnant again and i pray God should pls come through for me”

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happiness commented: “my husband calls dis being weak dat y do l need him around l shld be alone n call him wen its done guys l really cry sometimes coz no one to tell me b”...READ FULL ARTICLE

Watch the video below:


My labour journey. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it😍😍#labour #viraltiktok #fyp #myirreplaceablebaby👑😚🥰💖💋😘 #bestfather #yummymummy God did it🙌🏽🙌🏽

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