Hardship: Our country is going down very fast because those in authority seem to be far from the people, warns of Naira Plummeting to N10,000 per Dollar-pat Utomi.

Economist Pat Utomi’s warning at an event highlights the urgency of addressing Nigeria’s economic challenges to prevent the naira from reaching N10,000 per dollar....READ FULL ARTICLE

Eminent economist and Labour Party leader, Pat Utomi, sounded an alarm on Nigeria’s economic trajectory, cautioning that without immediate action, the naira could plummet to N10,000 against the dollar.

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Utomi’s warning, delivered during an event commemorating the 2023 presidential election anniversary, underscores the pressing need for proactive measures to avert such a crisis.

Highlighting the disconnect between leadership and the populace, Utomi emphasized the imperative for citizens to reclaim agency in steering the country towards stability.

Central to his concerns is the link between security, production, and currency value, stressing the vital role of community-driven initiatives in safeguarding economic viability.

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Utomi’s urgent call to action resonates as a clarion call for collective responsibility in safeguarding Nigeria’s economic future….READ FULL ARTICLE

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